Veea is your community-powered platform for discovering, supporting, and connecting with local businesses. Find your favorite vintage record store or discover who sells the best frozen margaritas—all through one nifty app. Get personalized recommendations, real-time updates from your favorite haunts, and scheduling tools that make herding your perpetually-late brunch buddies easy-peasy.

  • Get up-close and personal.

    Veea adapts to you, recommending local businesses that match your good taste.

  • 🍸 tonight?

    Create a Plan and invite friends to pitch in, suggest alternative venues, and vote on a final time and place—all in one app. No more switching between apps and texts to keep your friends up-to-date.

  • Explore your options.

    Wander off the beaten path and discover something new with Veea Collections. Check out a featured business in our carefully curated Collections—or create and share your own!

  • Peer into your crystal ball.

    Get a glimpse into the crowd before you get on your way. See what others are saying about the current crowd, wait time, specials, and more.

  • Powered by the People.

    Get real-time information about local businesses from people like you.

    Know Before you go.

    Ask and you shall receive... real-time tidbits about local businesses that interest you.

    Get real and relevant tips.

    No more outdated ratings. No more questionable reviews written by disgruntled “regulars” who need to step away from the caps lock key. Contributions disappear when they are no longer relevant, and are carefully vetted for accuracy.

    No good deed goes unrewarded.

    Connect with our community, and you’ll earn points, exclusive features, and other Veea rewards.

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