Veea is a community powered discovery platform for getting real-time knowledge about local venues that interest you. Discover the world around you and find your Veea through personalized recommendations, planning with friends, curated collections and real-time information.

  • Get Personal

    Veea adapts to you, recommending venues that match your interests and preferences.

  • Plan With Friends

    Organize hangouts with friends - quick and easy. Plans let you decide as a group where and when to meet up in real-time. Create a plan and invite friends to chat, suggest places and meeting times, and vote! Veea keeps it all in one place so you can say goodbye to switching between apps and chats to keep your friends up to date.

  • Discover Collections

    Looking for inspiration? Discover new places effortlessly through popular and nearby "Collections". Collections are lists of places that are carefully curated and frequently updated by the Veea team.

  • Know The Whole Story

    Veea is live window into the places around you. See what others are saying about the current wait time, vibe, crowd, events, specials, promotions and more.

  • Powered By The People

    Get answers or answer questions from people like you.

    Know Before You Go

    Ask anything on a place and get answers in real-time.


    No more dated ratings or reviews - Contributions disappear when they are no longer relevant.

    No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded

    Chip in to earn points and get access to exclusive customizations, features and rewards.

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